How exercise and healthy eating habits can improve the quality of your life

IMG_6892Consuming a healthy and good diet and engaging in a regular exercise will bring a lot of benefits. Among these benefits include happiness, increased energy, long life and health. Diet and exercise are essential in determining the overall health of a person. These also help in their lifestyle and make a big difference in their feel and their look.

Actually, a healthy diet consists of vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy products, whole grains and lean meats. This will also work well if you make an effort to minimize the consumption of sodium, cholesterol, sugar, saturated fat and more. This will help reduce the risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, high blood pressure, type-2 diabetes and cancers.

Below are the benefits of eating healthy and exercising:

Help You Lose Weight

If you are overweight, you can lose weight by eating healthy and by exercising. A healthy diet and a physical activity will further help you maintain your weight. These will also help you reduce the chances of gaining weight while you age.

Actually, healthy foods are lower in calories and are higher in essential nutrients than just foods. With physical activity, it will even burn off extra calories that will keep your healthy physique.

Boost your Body’s Energy Level

When you combine healthy foods and exercise, expect that these will help boost your body’s energy level. These will also specifically help you feel more aware and more alert, physically and mentally. Foods that are rich in nutrients will give your body the vitamins and nutrients that it needs.

Improves your Mood

With exercise, your brain chemicals will further be stimulated. Thus, you produce only the feelings of contentment, relaxation and happiness. And then, you will likely to feel better especially if you do the workout on a daily basis. It is in physical activities that will help boost your physical appearance while you build muscle and burn fats. Thus, your self-confidence will be enhanced and your life will feel more inspired and satisfied.

Make your Life Interesting and Diverse

Healthy eating and exercise will make your life more interesting and more different. You could just seek for better and more creative ways to stay active in your life. And, also, do not stick with the same routine or exercise at all times.

Dancing with friends and exercising with co-workers will also help you enjoy good health. You might as well play on a team and spend some active time with the family members and kids. When you follow a specific healthy diet, you will enjoy a lot of opportunities. You might as well try other interesting activities like visits on the farmer’s market, culinary classes, home cooking and fun activities.

Now, you already have learned the essence of healthy eating and exercise for good health. These might appear to be old and conventional concepts; but, these are all worth it. Try it out, keep track of your progress, and get one step closer to your ultimate fitness and health goals everyday! ❤

Make it a goal to give back <3

As an eco-friendly sportswear brand we always make it a goal to give back to the community and to the people. For us, it is an essential part of sustainability as a responsible member of the global and local community. We aim to impose 2-4 % of our products sold to non-profit partner organizations. This is part of our efforts of working to improve the social, environmental and economic conditions on the planet, globally and locally. In addition to that, customers can choose to round up the amount at the check-out to help people in need even more.


It is in our hearts that while starting out or while operating, we would give back to the local communities. We are dedicated to promoting cultural, environmental and social awareness through charitable partnerships, which we give our support to. We are also dedicated when it comes to creating an apparel brand that is eco-friendly and sustainable.

Poijana Fitness aim to become a climate-neutral company, or having a net zero carbon footprint, which refers to achieving net zero carbon emissions by compensating for all CO2 released. To achieve this, we aim to plant trees all across the country for the sake of the environment. And thus, this will also be a part of honoring the Earth Day. We were more than inspired to create a company with the reality that fashion is second to the most polluting industries following oil.

We have also been an advocate of equal representation and equal pay. With the belief that it further can create a bigger impact in the whole world as a company. And, in some of our efforts of giving back, effective programs of giving back are designed by giving customers a huge discount in exchange for used clothing. These are then recycled or donated for the benefit of the community as a whole.

Poijana Fitness is highly focused not only in loving itself but also of giving back to people who were not given with the same possibilities. We aim to empower young people through sport in order to help them fulfill their potentials and to achieve their dreams. We further contribute to Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA). MYSA is an established organization in Kenya that strives to give young people in some of the largest and poorest slums in Africa hope and opportunity for a better life through sport communities.


Raw Vegan Twix dreams – Irresistibly delicious and totally guilt-free!


Trust us – these absolutely guilt-free, raw, vegan Twix bars will make your day a little brighter, a little better. Sounds extreme? Well, these treats are extremely delicious – and not to mention wholeheartedly nutritious. It is the perfect in-between-meal snack, a dessert that will impress your whole family, or why not become the star at the office and bring these beautiful bars to work. We also love to make a little bit extra and save it for a rainy day, or anytime when your mood needs a love boost.



  • ⅔ cup coconut flour (70g)
  • 2 tbsp agave syrup
  • ¼ cup extra virgin coconut oil, melted and cooled
  • 1 tbsp full-fat coconut milk


  • 14 Medjool dates, pitted
  • ¼ stick vegan butter (30gr)
  • 1 tbsp coconut milk
  • 1 tbsp blackstrap molasses
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract


  • 1 cup dark chocolate (150g)
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp full-fat coconut milk


  1. For the crust combine all the ingredients in a medium bowl and with your fingers press in a rectangular silicon tin
  2. For the caramel use a strong food processor and combine the dates with the butter, the coconut milk, molasses and vanilla.
  3. Pour over crust and put in the freezer while yu are making the chocolate
  4. Melt the dark chocolate and coconut oil on low heat until melted. Slowly add the coconut milk and the pour chocolate over caramel layer.
  5. Freeze for at least 30 minutes

We found this delicious treat on Follow her on Instagram or facebook for more amazing recipes.

Have an amazing day everyone!

xoxo Malin & Rinny


Become your own fitness motivation!


The important role of fitness motivation is to inspire you with all the things you are supposed to do. Of course, it can be quite difficult to maintain commitment with your exercise routine. This is especially true if you’re busy and you have a lot of things to attend to. If you are really in dire need to accomplish your dietary fitness habit or exercise goal, you need to stick to a healthy and safe plan. This is where motivation comes in!

If you’re not motivated, how would you be able to obtain your fitness goals? If you’re not inspired to fuel your body with the best fitness it deserved to have, then your time and efforts will only be wasted and all your entire goals will never be accomplished. Therefore, you need to arm yourself with the best and most motivational weapon. Here is the list of the three essential ways on how to keep you motivated:

  1. Craft Your Own Motivational Board

Having a fitness or exercise motivation board can be the best tool for you to get the best and most inspiring juices. This board can simply guide you towards your goal. In this board, you do not actually need to place a monthly calendar to keep track of your workout and fitness goals. But, you can also post pictures and quotes which will seem inspiring to your goals.

  1. Diversifying Your Goals

One of the common ways that kills your motivation in fitness and exercises is in doing similar things again. This will only bring irritation and boredom as far as fitness and exercise goals are concerned. The next thing that you might experience is abandoning everything. This is especially your commitment to exercises and eating unhealthy options. Avoid such things from happening and affecting your fitness and exercise goals. Try to diversify your goals for you to be completely assured of staying motivated at all times.

  1. Give Yourself Even Short-Term Reward

Another essential way to keep yourself motivated is by giving yourself short-term rewards. This is in particular with every goal that you have accomplished. This can be very helpful especially to those who have hefty type of goals. Reaching your goals can be very overwhelming if you have done your best to do it. As you spend an extra time and effort in reaching your goals, you’re assured of not passing your obstacles or hindrances. If you do all of these things, you need as well to give yourself rewards.

Breaking all your fitness and exercising goals into manageable options can fulfill you the most. It will also inspire you to focus on your entire goals more. This is also no matter how complex it they can be. As you follow the ways mentioned above, you are most assured to stay motivated in doing whatever goal you desire to have.

So, what else are you waiting for? Try to consider following the tips mentioned above to be able to reach all your goals.

xoxo Good luck and have an amazing day everyone! 

10-week workout plan to a rocking summer body – no gym or equipment needed!

Daily motivation:
– It is your choice to make obstacles the excuse for your failure or make them the reason behind your success. Dreams don’t work unless you do.



20 squats; 25-second wall-sit;  20 seconds plank; 5 push-ups; 35 jumping jacks; 25 crunches; 15 lunges (each leg); 20 sit-ups; and 20 butt-kicks (each leg)


15 squats; 20 crunches; 15 jumping jacks; 10 push- ups; 20 lunges (each leg); 35 sit-ups; 45 second wall-sit; 30 seconds plank; 20 butt-kicks (each leg)


20 squats; 25 sit-ups; 30 crunches; 40 second wall-sit; 50 jumping jacks; 25 butt-kicks; 25 lunges (each leg); 40 second plank; and 10 push-ups


35 squats; 20 crunches; 20 lunges; 40 seconds plank; 50 sit-ups; 1 minute wall-sit; 35 butt-kicks (each leg); 30 jumping jacks; and 20 push-ups


30 squats; 40 sit-ups; 1 minute plank; 30 push-ups; 30 crunches; 35 lunges (each leg); 60 jumping jacks; 45-second wall-sits; 50 butt-kicks (each leg)

Cardio plan week 1-10:

  1. 30-second sprint, 30-second jog (5x)
  2. 35-second sprint, 45-second jog (6x)
  3. 45-second sprint, 60-second jog (7x)
  4. 50-second sprint, 45-second jog (8x)
  5. 55-second sprint, 30-second jog (7x)
  6. 60-second sprint, 45-second jog (6x)
  7. 65-second sprint, 60-second jog (5x)
  8. 70-second sprint, 45-second jog (6x)
  9. 75-second sprint, 30-second jog (7x)
  10. 80-second sprint, 45-second jog (8x)

You can choose to do the cardio before or after the resistance training everyday. For maximum fat burning, we recommend to do the cardio before the resistance training. Good luck beauties! 😉


J.LO’s killer butt-kicking super-body workout

Daily motivation: 
– One day or DAY ONE. Trust the magic of new beginnings. We believe in YOU! 

Jennifer Lopez is 47 years old and she still looks like a goddess – she even seems to get better with age. Today we tried J.LO’s full-body workout created by her super-talented trainer Tracy Anderson and wow, it felt as if our booties were on fire. Eat clean, sleep well, and include this sequence in your workout routine – and your chance of scoring a superstar body like J.LO just jumped sky-high.


Do 30 reps of each move in the series on one side, then repeat the sequence on the other. Wear ankle weights for these moves; start with 1 1/2 or 2 pounds and build up to 5 pounds (that’s what J.Lo uses). Don’t own a pair of ankle weights? Try the Ivation Premium High-Quality Ankle Weights Set ($19;

1. Flexed Knee Pull and Arabesque

Start on all fours; lower down to forearms and clasp hands. Pull left knee forward toward chest; flex foot (A). Keeping foot flexed, extend left leg back and up (B). Reverse motion to lower left leg back to “A.” Knees should hover over the floor.

Kneel with body upright. Step right foot out to the side, hands on hips, coming into a kneeling side lunch (A). Lower body forward to come down to forearms; clasp hands and extend right leg back and up (B). Lift torso as you lower right leg back to “A.” Try not to hunch shoulders.

3. Coupé Push-Up to Attitude

Lie facedown with elbows close to torso and hands under shoulders. Bend left leg, crossing left ankle over back of right knee (A). Pushing body up and back, come onto right knee as you lift left leg up (B). Reverse motion to lower back to “A.” Push body back, forming a diagonal line form shoulders to hands.

4. Lifting Side Kick

Sit on right hip with knees bent, left hand on left hip and left leg slightly in front of right with foot on the floor. Lower down to right forearm (A). Lift hips until you’re balancing on right shin; kick left leg up (B). Lower back to “A.”

5. Shoulder Balance with Leg Pull

Start on all fours. Thread right arm under chest as you lower down until head and right shoulder are resting on the floor, keeping left hand down for support. Shift hips slightly forward. Extend left leg out to the side, toes on the floor (A). Holding the upper-body position, lift left leg up; point foot (B). Reverse motion back to “A.”

Good luck! You will not regret it!

Lots of love,
Malin & Rinny

3-minutes of abs – Oh yes, you have time!

Daily motivation:
– Create balanced and healthy habits, not restrictions. Be proud of yourself, your progress, and your beautiful body! 
FullSizeRender 2.jpgHello sunshines! Here’s a quick tip for those summer-abs we all want – ONLY 3-minutes, twice per day – YES, you will feel the difference!Start with 10 bent leg situps, then 15 straight leg raises. Does your tailbone burn rather than your abs? Try to put some padding/ a cushion under your booty/ tailbone when you do the leg raises. In all strength training, form is everything!The third and last step of your ab-circuit is 20 ab-bicycles per leg – then repeat the circuit for three full minutes without a break. Your core will be burning – and if you stick to this routine, your abs will be more toned in no time! Our tip is to do this first thing when you wake up, before your morning shower and before you start to get ready for the day. It’s also a great way to finish up any gym workout!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

xoxo Malin & Rinny